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 Pestilence is back!

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MensajeTema: Pestilence is back!   Mar Jul 15, 2008 1:56 pm

Guitarist PATRICK UTERWIJK To Tour With Resurrected PESTILENCE - [Mar. 17, 2008]

Dutch guitarist/vocalist Patrick Mameli has released the following statement to BLABBERMOUTH.NET regarding the upcoming album and tour from his resurrected late '80s/early '90s death metal outfit PESTILENCE:

"Although previous statements about a PESTILENCE reunion with original members (which I think still isn't my intention), it's with great pleasure to announce that none other than Patrick Uterwijk [guitar] will be TOURING once again with PESTILENCE next year.

"After almost six years, I got in touch with Patrick U. through a mutual friend, Sean Sitka. He gave me Uterwijk's mail address and phone number stressing me I have to call the guy since Tymon K. wasn't gonna work out because of his involvement with CYNIC. We spoke for one and a half hour about the past and future.

"Although he will not be recording for the new album, he got very excited about the new material as well. We also spoke about his illness because of the energy it takes to do a tour."

Uterwijk said in a statement: "I'm feeling great and doctors think now i'm propably not suffering from M.S. [multiple sclerosis] at all (first diagnoses at the time made doctors think this was the case). This off course is great news as well!!!! So now, people can enjoy PESTILENCE live in an almost original and familiar setting!!!"

Mameli has set "Resurrection Macabre" as the title of the new PESTILENCE album, tentatively due in early 2009 via Holland's Mascot Records. Joining Mameli in the group's new recording lineup are Tony Choy (ATHEIST, CYNIC) on bass and Peter Wildoer (DARKANE, NON-HUMAN LEVEL) on drums. Patrick is currently working on new material which he has described as a modern fusion of "Testimony of the Ancients" (1991) and "Spheres" (1993), but even more technical and brutal. The group's new album will tentatively be recorded this fall by Danish producer Jacob Hansen (RAUNCHY, INVOCATOR) and produced by Patrick himself.

Speaking to BLABBERMOUTH.NET regarding his decision to bring PESTILENCE back from the dead, Mameli stated in January, "I always stated there WILL NEVER BE a reunion, and there won't be, since I never look back at the past and I refuse now to play with people that are not on the same musical level as I am.

"I sang on 'Testimony' and 'Spheres' (two albums later from 'Consuming Impulse' [1989]!!), so no need for [original PESTILENCE frontman] Martin [Van Drunen]. This because of the above statement I just made. Furthermore, Martin is doing other things. Good for him.

"The reason why I bring PESTILENCE back to life is that people/fans keep asking me for this. The time is right now and Mascot is giving me the opportunity to do so.

"As you know, I have always been the driving force behind PESTILENCE, writing all the music and so forth, so that I can state: I will bring back PESTILENCE to life. More tech and way more brutal than ever before."

Mameli's C-187 project, which also features Tony Choy, Sean Reinert (drums; CYNIC, ex-DEATH) and Tony Jelencovich (vocals; M.A.N, ex-TRANSPORT LEAGUE, MNEMIC), released its debut album, "Collision", last year via Mascot Records. The CD was recorded at Spacelab Studios in Oedt/Moers (near Düsseldorf), Germany and was mixed by Jacob Hansen.

ya le di oido al Collision y esta bastante bueno el proyecto. puede oirse gratuitamente en la pag de la banda Smile
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MensajeTema: Re: Pestilence is back!   Vie Jul 18, 2008 11:21 pm

Esa notica es algo vieja, lo que es bueno y llamativo es que estan por lanzar un nuevo album y tengo el cerebro formateado casi de tantas pajas mentales de como podria ser el disco Razz
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Pestilence is back!
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